#26 – The Wildcats

Last night the Villanova Wildcats beat the University of North Carolina Tarheels in a game that might go down as the greatest NCAA basketball championship ever.

Living less then 2 miles from the Villanova campus it was hard for me not to catch some of the excitement that had been circulating around town as the Wildcats made their run in the NCAA tournament.

Villanova was picked by almost no one to win the tournament. They were given a fighters chance at best to get to the final four.

They were undersized and under-matched, against many of the times they played in the tournament. In fact they had to beat two blue blood, perennial power house programs steeped in tradition.

One  of the programs the University North Carolina has won 5 NCAA titles and produced arguably the greatest player in the history of the game, Michael Jordan. .

The other team was Kansas.

Have you ever heard of dude named James Naismith? Well he invented basketball and also happened to be who founded the Kansas Jayhawks basketball program. Not to shabby.

Listen, the Wildcats were certainly not Rudy like underdogs. They are great, well coached team with a track record of success over the years, but talented wise they are not in the same league as a UNC, Duke, Kentucky, Kansas or UConn.

Those programs are loaded with NBA talented and can recruit anywhere. .

What this game reminded me is that when you have a believe in yourself, in your teammates, and have great coaches and fans, anything can happen.

I’m not a believer in the idea you can do anything. You can’t do anything.

I can’t dunk a basketball, give birth to a baby, or win the gold medal in the men’s Olympic shot put.

Villanova can’t compete every year for a national title, they won’t win a game against an NBA team, but they had just the right mix of ingredients to succeed for one night on college basketball’s biggest stage.

I like to believe that I’m the Villanova of the specialty food world.

Do I have the most money? No. Do I have the most talent? No. Am  I a national powerhouse with a storied past whose coattails I have the luxury of riding? No.

But like Villanova I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by people who believe in me and I in them. I have some of the best coaches and friends in my corner one could possibly ask for. Last but not least I have fans. My product has fans. People that love us. That really Love us.

If Villanova could do it, why not me?



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