#23 – You want to talk to Oprah?

I decided yesterday that for the month of April I would make the commitment to write and post something every day for the entire month. Some post will be long, others short. Some will be good, some will be garbage.

The point is I sit down and write something, without worrying about quality or content.

Last night I was feeling really shitty. All my insecurities and inadequacies were fucking with me hard, like a convict on top of woman during his first conjugal visit in over 20 years.

I found myself at my compute wanting to write or better yet email someone for help.

I decided I wanted to email Derek Sivers, he is a self-described author, programmer, musician, entrepreneur and student. Back in the late 90’s he started an online music distribution business, basically ITunes before ITunes. In 2007 he sold it for $20 million, gave most of it away, dramatically downsized his life and moved to New Zealand to live a relatively quiet life with his family.

There is something incredibly authentic and genuine about his guy that I appreciate. Whether I’m reading his book or listening to him being interviewed he just has a way of being that resonates with me. Last night I remembered that in his book he gave out his email address and encouraged people to send him note. He also claims he responds to each one. I don’t know if that is true or not but I decided to find out.

When I finished the email, I realized it did not matter if he read it or not. Just the act of not only sitting down to write but to write to this specific person had a profound effect. Actually I’m going to say somewhat profound. Otherwise I fear the term profound might get watered down. Like on Seinfeld when a doctor whom Elaine had romantic feelings for said she was breathtaking, but then proceed to call a somewhat unattractive baby breath taking as well.

Suddenly breathing taking is not a compliment.

And were back!

My point being, as I was writing it felt as if I was channeling Mr. Sivers, like we were both sitting in the room having a conversation together. When I was done I had this feeling he’d already given me some of the answers I was seeking.

I encourage this exercise to anyone out there who wishes they could talk with lets say, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Deepak, or Martha Stewart, to just sit down and write them an email.

Who knows maybe you will find yourself jumping on the couch proclaiming your love for Katie Holmes.


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