#9 – Daddy I have to pee.

My son, Reece who is 4 was up at 6:00am. I can’t really blame the little guy, he had to pee, and Lord knows I’d been up 3 times to pee since going to bed.

When he is up early it throws my mornings off. Mornings have become an important time for me. If I’ve learned one thing from the people I admire and respect, they start their day of strong. As Tony Robbins says he “primes” himself every morning. Everyone’s routine is different, but the object being is to get in the right space to create the day you want. His and others morning routines usually consist of some sort of meditation, journaling/writing, and exercise.

Your day goes as your morning goes.

My goal is to get up at 6:00am, brew some tea, mediate for 20 minutes, then write in my journal. Right now I’m doing Morning Pages as my morning journal, which is a technique created by Julia Cameron (I’ve checked no relation to James) who wrote the artist way. Essentially the idea is you got all that shit out of your head and onto the page before breakfast so you can greet the day with a clear and open mind.

I think of it as my mind taking dump. It smells like shit while doing it, but boy do you feel better when it is done.

Anyways everything got pushed back this morning because as much as I love my son, he pretty much is kryptonite when it comes to meditation. I have explained to him numerous times that when he gets up early he must stay in his room quietly while daddy meditates; mommy is usually at the gym. He does his best, he really does, but like his daddy his mind goes a mile and minute and he insist on sharing anything he deems newsworthy.

For instance today I sat down after giving an encyclopedic amount books to read. I figured this should keep him entertained, but 2 minutes into it I hear this little voice say, “Daddy I’m not going to bother you, but I just need to go pee pee again.” How on earth could I possibly get mad at the cutest little voice informing me of his pee schedule? These type of interruptions occurs every 10-15 minutes. They vary in importance from how do you spell Batman to I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find mommy.

So I took the attitude of I’m just going to go with the flow, which is something OCD people do not do very well and magically enough the day unfolded pretty amazing.

I was able to wrap up my blog entry around 10:00 at the local coffee shop I frequent. Ran into a mom of one of my sons’ buddies, we talked about yoga, specifically two local teachers who we really enjoy taking classes from. I confessed I’d not done yoga for several months and wanted to get back into.

I then thought to myself I’ve been saying that for months now and not done a fucking thing about it. So right then and there I told her today would be the day I would go. Come hell or high-water I was going to do a yoga class. Then, I kid you the fuck not, 20 minutes after she left, the two yoga teachers we had been talking about walked into the coffee shop.

It was set. The universe had decided for me I was going to do yoga today and I did. I joined this place called the Yoga Garden, because they offered me a $49 one month unlimited pass. OOOOOMMMM!

I also ran into the coffee shops proprietor who I know via a mutual friend. We ended up chatting for awhile. On the surface we seem to have a fair amount in common. We talked a little business, life, family, kids, etc. It was nice. We are about the same age, both entrepreneurs so on the surface we have a lot in common. The conversation ended with him giving me his card and saying we should get together sometime with our mutual friend and hang out at the coffee shop after hours and have a few drinks.

I’ve mentioned before I want to do better at connecting with other people, especially those whom I like and respect. Given the fact I’m really not a fan of most people I need to keep me deal flow up in order to generate these connections I so desire.

Having real, genuine interactions with other people is really hard, especially as you get older. Life just gets harder and leads to increased isolation outside of immediate family.

We are not in high school or college anymore, making true friends is hard. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but being someone who is not from Philly, an outsider, makes it a little more difficult.

People, who are born here, don’t leave here, so they really have little incentive to make new friends. All their friends they went to middle school, high school, etc all still live in the area. This is why I don’t take for granite the opportunities when the present themselves to make new connections.

I will still have my close friends from back home, but it is not the same as having close friends where you live. Distance does not diminish the importance of the friendship but its relevancy takes a hit.

Nothing may come of any of the interactions I had to today, but they were interactions I might not have had a year ago, because knowingly or unknowingly I was not open to it. They still might of happened but probably would have gone much differently.

There was one more thing that happened today I wanted to talk about. Oh that is right, I finished painting our downstairs. I really hate manual labor. I’m much too delicate for it. If my paint job passes the wife’s inspection I may be rewarded with some special time in the boudoir. Until next time.




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