Casey Neistat Hates Inspiration

This post is short. I’m a big fan of vlogger and you tube king Casey Nesitat. I’ve been talking a lot about my focus on just showing up and doing the work. Here is a short excerpt from his interview on the Rich Roll Podcast (, where he talks about why he hates the word inspiration.

You want to make something happen, do the work. It is that simple. Inspiration is cheap work is hard. I just keep playing that thought over and over again in my head. Every time I notice the OCD train leaving the station I remind myself put one foot in front of the other and just keep working. Thinking always fucks me. Less thinking more doing.

Now here’s Casey

“I hate the word inspiration. It is like my least favorite word…….. I hate the word inspire. Then I recently read this amazing piece by Chuck Close(famous painter and photographer), where it starts, and this is the only part of the piece I remember because I committed this quote to memory where he says “inspiration is for amateurs the rest of us just show up and get to work.” That is exactly how I feel. It is via the process of creation that the idea is actually birthed or hatched. It is never a moment of inspiration and the product is there. It is a product of a process and that process invariability involves a lot of hard work. There is never this idea of moment of inspiration where the inspiration carries you through and has the product be at the finish line.”  – Casey Neistat on the Rich Roll Podcast.

Link,  Casey’s you tube channel






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