In a Van Down by the River!

When did finding your calling or passion become big business? I’ve noticed something since starting this blog. That there are a lot of self pro-claimed experts in the field of let’s just call it, finding your purpose. Do the work you love, find your passion, never work a day in your life! You can do all this if you buy my book for $10.99 and follow my 10 easy steps, is what I hear over and over again from these “experts.”

Apparently for these individuals their calling is to tell everyone else how to find there calling. They had no idea what to do with their life, but they saw an opportunity to make money convincing other people they needed to find their and they were ready to help.

We get inundated with these messages everyday. That in order to live a happy and purposeful life we need to find our passion and do work the work we were meant to do. The aforementioned experts are making a whole career out of it. My question is, is it possible for everyone to do what they are most passionate about?

If we all buy into this notion that we all must do what we love, who is going to pick up our trash, clean up medical waste up at hospitals or be a semen collection specialist at your local sperm bank? Are you telling me people doing these jobs have found their calling? Maybe all of us just don’t get to do work we love? My apologies out there to all those semen collection specialist who are truly passionate about collecting semen.

If you ask me all these gurus are just making the rest of us feel shitty that aren’t doing work we necessarily love or associate with our true purpose here. Maybe the goal is actually finding out how to be happy with who we are now, in this moment vs. searching for it out there, via the any number of self help handbooks you can find on Amazon.

Maybe the minute we stop comparing ourselves to others or better yet stop wanting our life’s purpose to look like it does for somebody else, we start to find some actual happiness. This reminds me of a story I once heard about a a cleaning lady.

The cleaning lady was having a conversation with another woman, when she was asked what she did for a living. When the cleaning lady explained what her job was, the woman respond, how awful that must be. The cleaning lady started to laugh. She responded by saying how much she loved what she does. How honored she feels that people let her into their home allowing her the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. People’s homes are sacred and she is charged with the task of keeping them neat and organized. Everyday she is allowed to others people sacred space, their home. The place they raise their children, cry after a long day or have a Thanksgiving meal with their family.

It is her job to keep these places clean and comfortable. She takes great pride in what she does. The woman talking with her was amazed at how happy this cleaning lady was. How many of you know people like this. People with jobs that society might label as menial are a hell of a lot happier then the corporate lawyer or highly successful business executive.

The point is, your life’s purpose is the purpose you find in whatever you are doing. Just because the work you do does not look like what the world has painted as “doing the work you love” does not mean you have not found your calling. So fuck all the life coaches and Tony Robbin’s wannabees. I’m sick and tired of all these assholes telling us, unless we have, cured cancer, written a best selling book or appeared on episode of Dancing with the Stars, our life is not going to amount to jack squat, and that we might end up living in a van down by the river!


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