What is this blog about?

This is not a how to blog. I’m not trying to give you steps or a path to happiness. My goal is to simply share with you what I learn while trying to uncover my purpose here. Knowing that if I uncover something that resonates with me chances are it will resonate with others as well. Hopefully we can help each other along this journey, though we ultimately will travel different paths. I don’t know what the end result is going to be, but I know one thing if we don’t start looking, we are not going to find it.

I’m sure if you added up all the, religious, spiritual, psychology, philosophy and self help books, lectures, speeches, podcasts, etc, I’ve read or heard the past 15 years it would span from New York to Chicago. They are all filled with highlights, notes, stars and lots of scribble scrabble. After every book I’d say to myself, “I really got write this shit down so I can remember what I just learned.” I have no idea what took my so long to actually do it. It is a shame not a one of those books I read was about turning ideas into action.

My posts can be divided into two categories, the ladder being shorter in nature;

I. What I’m reading: here I break down what I’m reading and what I’m learning from. The first part I will give a brief synopsis, followed by key insights and what I learned. As Oprah would say I hope to find my “AH HA” moment. On a side note, you will learn while I once lauded Oprah I now wish she would just go the fuck away.

2. Regular Weekly Posts: this is everything from my moments during the week that I loved, lost, cried, smiled or made me said, “what the fuck, Amen, holy shit, where’s the Tylenol”

3. Quotespretty self explanatory, but my intention is to share with you quotes I love and what they mean to me.


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